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  • 90% Furastanolic Saponins
  • Ultra Concentrated Extract
  • Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris

ALLMAX Nutrition now provides you with the highest quality in pure Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris with TRIBX90®. Laboratory tests have confirmed high levels of Steroidal Saponins at 90% using UV Spectrophotometry Absorption testing.

Athletes use Tribulus Terrestris because of the purported effects of helping to ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level at all times, especially during times of heavy training. Tribulus continues to be used by some of the worlds’ most elite athletes and has grown in popularity among recreational athletes as well. Popular among bodybuilders, Tribulus Terrestris is the perfect complement to your hardcore training regimen. Clinical research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris may support healthy libido function in humans, which makes TRIBX90® ideal for those requiring that extra boost of sexual energy!